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Step 1: Registration

Our receptionist will greet you with a warm smile, while assisting you with necessary forms and paperwork.

Do not worry about your insurance as our pre-certification person has completed all necessary insurance authorizations for you.





Step 2: Assessment

Assessment of the patient is next, where our nurses will answer questions, review your history, and discuss your procedure. Then we take your blood pressure and start your I.V. The medication in the I.V. will make you drowsy.





Step 3: Procedures

Endoscopic rooms are fully equipped with the latest procedure and monitoring equipment for maximum safety and efficiency.





Step 4: Recovery

After your procedure, you will be monitored by the nurse and thoroughly instructed on your post-endoscopic care. The doctor will also be available to answer any questions you or your family may have.





Step 5: Dismissal

Upon discharge you are assisted to your car for a family member to drive you home.

Our insurance specialist will have your insurance filed that same day.





Our Mission

We are committed to deliver quality care in a safe environment while promoting an atmosphere of compassion, understanding, and convenience for our patients.

Abilene Endoscopy Center