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Walton A. Foster is a name that will be forever tied to San Angelo. He was a man of great vision for the culture and community of the Concho Valley. Growing San Angelo was more than a dream for Mr. Foster. It was a calling to which he dedicated his life.

Walton was known throughout the United States as a pioneer in radio and television. His was the first image many saw as television came to San Angelo. In the radio business he was one of the first in the country to adopt the "top forty" format that has become the staple for radio stations today. In the late 60's, against the advice of many, he brought that format of entertainment and information to the FM band. And as announcer for the original San Angelo Colts baseball team, Walton Foster will long be remembered as the "Voice of the Colts."

Walton was a true son of the Concho Valley, a place he would forever call his home. The care and concern he had for San Angelo was evident in the many boards and civic organizations he guided over the years. He truly understood that community was nothing without unity and he struggled to make San Angelo a place we could all call home with the sense of pride he always felt.